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Welcome to One Louisiana Justice - 2010

Seeking to secure one justice treatment for any person in jeopardy of losing their constitutional guarantee ensuring domestic tranquility.  The assumed due process is become a mere formality, in which the courts can "say" in word, a person has received due process, and in essence are only mechanized through the machinery of mass produced judicial procedure.
The indigent defense process is by and large unchanged.  Attorneys, supposedly hired to aid in the administering of justice are still, lackadaisical.  A July 2009 court appearance of an indigent client in Fourth District Court,  was present in court via closed circuit, yet his appointed attorney did not & had not advised, consulted or "represented" the defendant.
The same defendant was scheduled for court October 12, 2009 - the court appointed lawyer was not available to his client.
We believe there should be just one  justice system in America and Louisiana.  There is not!  In 2007, decendants of the slave trade are being lynched by a rope called Wrongful Convictions.  It is not our belief that individuals should remain behind bars  twenty years, and haphazardly found to be innocent.   The Innocence Project has secured the release of persons nationally, primarily death sentenced persons.   However, the individuals who are incarcerated wrongly on other than death penalty cases are innumerable. 
In this high-tech society, and after the now 200 plus exonerated persons in America, surely a "footprint" of the marks of a wrongly prosecuted case ought to be easily evident with technology, science and legalist.  Certainly, in the aftermath of the Nifong debacle, true public servants would be searching for ways to alleviate this cancer.
In all areas, this disease is destroying families and communities.  In every aspect of the criminal judicial process in Louisiana people of color are subject to arbitrary use as case closure.  Presently, Michael Jarvis Cobb is still in Angola State Penitentiary sentenced for three crime incidents spanning 3 years.  A Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys member said he [Cobb] would get no relief in the state courts.  The statement was made in 2005.   Nevertheless, this will not go on for the next twenty years.
In Jena, Louisiana 6 students are charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white student.   The prosecutor is evidently, attempting to "nifong" the six individuals.   All things considered, they should be acquitted on "attempted murder".
-The case known as the Jena Six has been "finalized" as of June 2009.  The remaining five defendants pled to misdemeanor charges.  In addition, the suit against the "6" was settled.   However, the media intervenors, still have litigation before the Louisiana State Supreme Court involving access to records of the trial of the lead defendant.
These are just two instances.  There are many untold more.

The issues of poverty and wealth and classism were exacerbated and exposed during, and after Katrina.  Now in a post-Katrina world, there is an attempt to
re-sideline the affects of poverty and classism in pre-Katrina America.  The entire nation is aware of the politics of poverty and the ensuing classism.
The Louisiana Legislature's members are in a heated confrontation that will determine the nation's addressing the outcome of the opportunity to began a process of redeeming the time.  A delegation from the African nation of Cameroon visited the Louisiana Senate, five tribal chiefs, former warring factions were a divine speaking of change that must be addressed immediately.
ICF International, the LRA and its Road Home apparatus has miserably failed the people of this State.  This Issue of Justice cannot go unreckoned with in the present eventualities.  It appears, that the same institutions that deported American Citizens in 2005, are bent on keeping the same out of Louisiana in 2007 and beyond. 

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1LaJustice; is a issue advocacy based initiative. Justice is the Issue in every facet. You are aware as any, as to the destructive influences in our society.  Your support is needed!  Behind our backs,[& in your face] the rich and powerful are deflecting positive change in everyday people's lives!

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