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Judge to Sue DA
Judge Johnson statement; plans to sue District Attorney for defamation posted Thursday, August 21st, 2008 @ 8:01 am
Judge Kathy Johnson said this week said the timing of last week's court proceedings involving James Skipper was political, aimed at defeating her in her re-election bid.
 She also said she plans to file a defamation suit against Dist. Atty. John Johnson. Judge Johnson made the following statement: "The 'political play' in court involving District Attorney John Johnson and James Skipper was rehearsed very well. The two were in Johnson's office for two hours prior to Skipper's hearing.
The purpose of Skipper's release is so plain that a kindergarten student could figure it out - politics. "Skipper's motion for a sentence reduction is based upon the hardship of his family, yet no evidence on this issue was introduced at the hearing. The only evidence was testimony from Skipper that he had been mislead by Justin Conner and me. I have never advised Skipper to do anything. I did not know who he was in July, 2006, when I received a call through a third party, and had to ask, 'who is this?'
"Skipper was arrested (but never prosecuted by the current DA) for practicing law without a license, when he lived in Ferriday, so he obviously does not need any assistance to file anything. This is evidenced by his criminal file in the clerks office that reaches halfway to the ceiling. "The timing of this event before an election is no coincidence and I do not understand how a sitting judge who has been named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit by Skipper, can hear a criminal case and release him based solely on Skipper's testimony.
This same judge has stated in the Concordia Sentinel that Skipper is a convicted felon and has no credibility. "I have spoken with an attorney who specializes in slander suits and I do plan to file a lawsuit against John Johnson and others who have defamed me.
The District Attorney is not immune from liability when it comes to prosecutorial misconduct and conspiring for hours with a convicted felon to commit perjury."

Matters of the Supremes

James Skipper Prison Tape #1 posted Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 @ 3:10 pm Avoyelles Correction Center Transcription CD 7Q1P10AI Date: 07/26/06 Time: 17:48:12 Duration: 11:54 ----
Hello. This is MCI. This call originates from a Louisiana Correctional Facility and maybe recorded or monitored. I have a collect call from: James Skipper An inmate at Avoyelles Correctional Center. To accept dial, (beep). Your call is being connected. Thank you for using MCl.
 Justin: Hold on. Hold on. Hey.
 James: Hey. She's over there today.
 Justin: Yes man. I'm calling her cell phone. I got her house phone number in my phone. She called me this morning. James: Might be out of pocket. Welcome to Centinenial wireless.
 James: She aint there. She at that house. Justin: Hey. She at the house. James: That where she at.
Justin: Uh.
James: See. All the motions she sending back to me now, Justin, got a stay been put in place. But now, no record, nobody done sent me no notice that a stay been filed. So I filed a writ of mandamus to the Third Circuit ordering Judge Booth to either recuse his self or forward this motion to be heard by (inaudible).
Justin: By who? 
James: That mean another judge. A new or detached judge.
Justin: Right.
James: Know what I'm saying? He saying a stay been filed. But there's no, nobody sent me no notice saying a stay been filed.
Justin: Yeah.
James: And he refused to sign the orders.
Justin: Hold on a second.
James: But I want, we gonna knock Allen out on this next election.
Justin: He, man, let me tell you.
James: He gonna get throwed out because that place aint no resident.
Justin: He scared as he want'a be boy. And then Judge Booth gonna get the recusal too now.
James: Man, Judge Booth gonna go to jail, 'cause I want to personally charge a file against him. (inaudible)
Justin: Oh yeah.
James: That's what I want. John got that today. She want him out'a there too though.
Justin: Oh yeah, so she can be the top dog.
James: She can be that Chief Judge then.
Justin: Hold on just second. Yo.
James: Yeah. Hello. This is Cathy. Sorry I cannot take your call. Please leave a message ...
James: Just hang it up.
Justin: (leaves this message on the answering machine- "Give me a call when you get this message. Give me a call on my cell when you get this message. Thank you. Little Bird. Little Bird.")
James: Say. What time you be out of church tonight?
Justin: Yeah.
James: What time you be out of church tonight?
Justin: Uh. Be back here by about ten.
James: What time she usually let you call her?
Justin: I call her anytime. Shit. She call me nine, ten o'clock at night.
James: Why don't you set it up for ten?
Justin: Ok. I'm gonna get her to call me. Man, let me tell you something podna. She rock'n and rollin.
James: I need to know what I need to do on him right now. Basically you got feeling on what I been doing. But he signing all of my motions that a stay in place but there's been no stay filed, I've received no notice of a stay.
Justin: Well, who filed a stay?
James: I don't know. He don't say. He didn't even sign the uh, first six motions I sent him. That what got me. He wouldn't even sign'em saying a, who, who, authorized the stay. See what I'm saying? But the recusal we got in court had nothin' to do with the issues I'm bringing up now. Now I'm bringing out that letter that Gene wrote saying that a favor had been asked and it was too big for him. See what I'm saying? I never put that letter on the table.
Justin: So, by you, by you, uh, I guess, familiar with the fact of what the last judge did, Judge Jordan, how he made his ruling. What grounds did he do that on? Do you know?
James: He say there was no, no motions pending, that was stilI open, that required Judge Booth to be recused on. Which I'd already give the Third Circuit all that. That was several motions that was still open that required Judge Booth to have be, to have to rule on, a he even signed one. He had even signed two that had to be heard. Plus, Judge Booth said he had signed 'em, the motions that I sent him by mistake. So therefore, Judge Booth intent was that the recusal go forward. Cathy Johnson said the same thing. Supreme Court bring a judge in because Judge Booth said, in the, on the stand, he signed the motions by mistake. He didn't see 'em. So, therefore, you intent was to refer the motion to Cathy Johnson to be heard.
Justin: Hold on a second. Yeah.
James: Well, like I say. The records clearly. And then I got the Supreme, I mean that order in there, showing 'em how Judge Booth committed perjury on that. I got what he said about he got Alzheimer's in there and everything. Plus, Thibodeaux is the Chief Judge down there now.
Justin: Right.
James: I also want to have ...
Justin: At the Third Circuit?
James: Yeah. I also want to ....
Justin: He's a black guy?
James: Yeah.
Justin: That's what Sam bragging 'bout.
James: Yeah. He straight.
Justin: He just say. If he can just get him a highway to the Third Circuit he on his way.
James: That what I'm saying. That's the man there. That's the one made 'em redo my transcripts over. See, I met him at Gene house.
Justin: Well, Sam say, oh man.
James: I need to find out something else from Cathy Johnson. I need to find out the relationship between Peters and ... I need to know the relationship between Peters and Judge Booth. Peters is out of Jena.
Justin: Well, what about the woman Judge Booth was gonna run against, Elizabeth?
James: She aint on there no more.
Justin: She not?
James: No. She aint on there no more. I want to know the relationship between Peters. They got a whole group up there now. But, Peters still up there now.
Justin: But, you know now, you know, Judge Booth sit in some time over in Jena.
James: You see, and I need to know that relationship. But see Peters serve on the Third Circuit.
Justin: Right.
James: Peters from Jena. I need to know whether or not I need to recuse Peters from hearing this Motion to Recuse Judge Booth.
Justin: Ok.
James: I don't know the three judges that gonna sit on that.
Justin: But, Judge Booth set in Jena some times.
James: He do?
Justin: Yeah.
James: I didn't know that now.
Justin: I done been over there before. Yeah. He set in in Jena some time for' em.
James: Now see, I also want to ask Cathy, what did she ask me here about this August the 10th thing and what this, how did this pertain to me. Because I been told nothin' 'bout this and don't even know what it was about.
Justin: But, he think they planning on doing it without even bringing you into the courtroom? James: Oh no. They can't do that. They can't do that. They aint gonna do that without bringing me down there. But if she heard it, evidently it's in the wind somewhere. And I want to know what it's pertaining to. Follow what I'm saying?
Justin: Let me try one more time. (Justin trying to connect three way call.) What that number was? James: What? " (Justin trying to connect a three way call)
James: She aint there. She probably somewhere setting. But she probably gonna hit you back huh?
Justin: Oh yeah. Yeah.
James: Keep that cell on. Ask her too, do Poppa need to subpoena me?
Justin: Ok.
James: Where he can get it done for Monday.
Justin: Right.
James: That gonna be Tuesday, right?
Justin: Uh, yeah. The first of August?
James: Yeah.
Justin: Yeah.
James: I think somewhere around Tuesday. But see can you set up something with her where I can talk to her at ten.
Justin: Ok.
James: You know what I'm saying? I'm gonna call now. The phones here cut off a ten thirty.
Justin: Gotcha.
James: So I'm gonna start calling you at ten. But see, can you line up where I can talk to her at ten.
Justin: Alright.
James: And see can I run some stuff at her. But let her know 'bout Judge Booth put on all of my rulings abou the State.
Justin: Well, she'll be able to tell you whether or not he ...
James: And what she think. And actually what she think his motive is on this. Why's he doing this uh, putting this stay on there when there's no stay been filed by the State. And can he file a Stay with the Recusal pending against him?
Justin: Right. That's something, aint it?
James: See, I clearly stated 673, which say that Judge Booth cannot act once the, once the recusal been filed. You know I moved to remove the District Attorney's Office too?
Justin: You have?
James: Yeah. I got that motion filed.
Justin: Awe man, you, that what I told Poppa. He need that motion, same motion to be ...
James: I moved to recuse the District Attorney's Office because of John being involved with the deal with uh, with uh, John being implicated by Gene, saying that the Sheriff asked the D.A. in the jail for a favor.
Justin: Right.
James: Hell yeah. I move to recuse the District Attorney's Office. All that's been filed. And you can't deny, you can't deny this motion on the District Attorney unless a hearing is held.
Justin: Boy, I tell you what.
James: Shit.
Justin: Gene aint gonna be able to make it Babe.
James: No. He aint gonna make it. He know he aint.
Justin: He aint gonna be able to make it.
James: I told you I told. Did I tell you that I told Derrick that Gene was with me when I went in them people's ballot?
Justin: Uh uh.
James: Yeah I told him that. I told him Gene was with me when I signed them peoples ballot. I want Gene brought into this picture.
Justin: But, Gene was with you when I picked up the ballots from the whites.
James: That's right. See what I'm saying? That's why I told Derrick he got to go question Gene. So, I don't know if he gonna go do it or not. But I told him. I told him, I say, Gene was with me man, when I went in these people ballots. Gene know I went in they ballots. But, now he don't want to bring Gene into the picture.
Justin: Yeah.
James: Shit. Gene don't even want to come to the courthouse.
Justin: Well, he better. He gonna do something. James: Huh? Justin: He gonna do something. James: He gonna do something?
Justin: Yeah. 'Cause I know you was right (inaudible) you and him when I went over there and got the ballots.
James: That's right. You know what I'm saying?
Justin: He say Reed. He saw Estelle and Bobcat come to this back. Come to my yard and try to back ya'll in.
James: That's right. So he know everything. Yeah, he know everything now. That's for sho. What's Marty doing. What's Jenny. When Jenny getting out?
Justin: S'posed to be in September, October. I seen Ms. Bonnie today up at the bank signing some kind of papers.
James: Oh yeah?
Justin: Yeah.
James: Oh, she didn't end up gettin' much time then, huh?
Did her?
Justin: A year I think.
James: That's all?
Justin: Yeah.
James: Well, that's slap on the wrist for her, wasn't it?
Justin: Shit Gene played ball in it.
James: He played ball in that too?
Justin: Yeah. He got that Cadillac up in that shed, I betcha.
James: Oh. He got it up on the lake now, he don't keep that for her now. ??? and Rob still bonding?
Justin: Yeah.
James: You still bonding?
Justin: Uh uh.
James: Oh, you don't bond no more?
Justin: No. Well still got my bonding license.
James: What you just aint doing that?
Justin: Nuh. Not right now. I want to be able to hit Randy when it's all over with, with the whole deal that he called me in and forced us to take that bonding company that made a contribution to his campaign.
James: Right. Ok. Alright. Well, look. Set that up with her. And I'm gonna call back about ten.
Justin: Alright.
James: But I also, like I said, if I don't catch you at ten, I want you to call over her tomorrow. I want you to come down here one Saturday. We'll sit down and talk that three hours. Justin: Alright. James: Alright. Call ended. Transcribed by Suzanne Leon
 ----------------------------- James Skipper Prison Tape #2 posted Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 @ 3:09 pm Avoyelles Correction Center Transcription CD 7Q1P10AY Date: 07/26/06 Time: 22:01:29 Duration: 14:51 ---- Hello. This is MCI.
This call originates from a Louisiana Correctional Facility and may be recorded or monitored. I have a collect call from: James Skipper An inmate at Avoyelles Correctional Center. To accept dial or say "5" and hold. (beep). You caH is being connected. Thank: you for using MCI.
Justin: Skipper.
James: What you say boy. You back in there aint you?
Justin: Yeah man.
James: (inaudible)
Justin: I done talked to her. She called me at eight thirty.
James: Eight thirty?
Justin: Yeah.
James: What she say? She was there?
Justin: She said she was out.
James: Out and about huh?
Justin: Yeah. Hold on. Let me get her on the line.
James: Alright.
Justin: James.
James: Hey. Hello.
Justin: Hello.
R: Hey.
Justin: Hey little bird.
R: Huh?
Justin: How you doing?
R: I'm ok. (inaudible) Glad you called.
Justin: Uh oh. I got my friend on the line.
James: What do say there?
R: Oooh. Who is this? Laughing
James: Hey, how you doing?
R: Ok.
James: You ok?
R: I'm ok.
James: Yes mam.
R: Oh ok. (inaudible) where they got you in?
James: I'm in Cottonport. 'Bout two hours away. No further than I was in Hunt. And can't get ours in Ferriday.
R: Well. They're not gonna move you back up here, I don't think.
James: No. They aint gonna let me back up there.
R: (inaudible)
James: Huh?
R: (inaudible)
James: ??? said he gonna have to do something. Because he filed a motion saying that right now I'm being denied ineffective assistance of counsel because he can't correspond with me. Being so far away from court. R: Well. lf they move it to Monroe. (inaudible)
James: Well, that's what we're looking at. Either Winnsboro or probably none of Holliday's place you know because he got Richwood too.
R: Oh really? And he wont let you go there?
James: Well, we haven't thought about it. We got Savage up there. Savage is uh, Assistant Warden up there. And I think they're trying to contact him, if he stay in Winnsboro. I don't if. Derrick say they gonna appeal this. So I think we just gonna be on hold 'til we get ruling on the bill.
R: Yeah. I think (inaudible)
James: Yeah. So. But I hadn't really heard from Derrick. But, he told me when we left court, if she do make that ruling. But I was talking to Justin today. You know, I filed my post conviction. And on of my rulings, on all the motions I'm getting back, it's stating there's a stay been in place, but nobody have filed a stay or no record. Becky wrote me back and told me there's nothing on record saying that nobody filed a stay. Wonder why they was saying that?
R: Who saying James? James: On every motion I got back. I filed a post conviction, but I filed a Motion to Recuse because Judge Booth is listed in my post conviction in a number of my claims. And on the first four motions I got back, there's a note at the bottom saying a stay is in place until the ruling on the other recusaI. But nobody signed it. There's nobody's signature on it.
R: On what other (inaudible).
James: On the one that Judge Joyce dismissed.
R: Oh. I gotcha.(inaudible)
James: Right. We're in the Third Circuit with it. So. But nobody filed a stay. So what I did, I filed a Writ of Mandamus ordering that either Judge Booth recuse hisself or refer the motion. Because nobody filed a Stay. And that's not a properly filed ruling saying there's a Stay when nobody actually signed any orders.
R: (inaudible)
James: Right.
R: (inaudible)
James: Right.
R: (inaudible)
James: Well, I went ahead and filed a Mandamus signing that look this is not a properly filed ruling, there's nc Stay been filed to my knowledge, I hadn't been served with no Stay by either party, the State or the judge, so therefore Judge Booth should either refer the motion to recuse himself, because the issues that I'm raising in this recusal motion has nothing to do with the issues that are pending in Third Circuit.
R: Well. I don't know (inaudible) (David Caldwell is getting LSP to clean this tape up so that we can hear everybody on the tape) Transcribed by Suzanne Leon
-------------------------------------- James Skipper Prison Tape #3 posted Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 @ 3:07 pm Avoyelles Correction Center Transcription CD 7Q1P10BD Date: 07/27/06 Time: 22:04:35 Duration: 14:18 ---- Hello. Hello. This is MCI. This call originates from a Louisiana Correctional Facility and may be recorded or monitored.
That's Skipper calling. I have a collect call from: James Skipper An inmate at Avoyelles Correctional Center. To accept dial or say "5" and hold. (beep) Your call is being connected. Thank you for using MCI.
James: What'd you say boy?
Justin: What's going on Skip?
James: Where you at? They (inaudible) this evening didn't they?
Justin: Yes indeed.
James: I said that nigger must be gonna have to work late today.
Justin: I forgot all about you man.
James: Awe man, I say ...
Justin: Went down there and a motor went down at the plant. A little small motor but its important. Had to get it straight.
James: Ya'll had to get it on line huh?
Justin: Yeah.
James: Oh. You had to go do all that? Do that when it go down?
Justin: Yeah. Down there at the plant.
James: Oh, you done went to school for all this now huh?
Justin: Yeah, well, usually, there's a lot on the job.
James: Yeah. Ok then. Now, when's that boy get my letter?
Justin: Who dat?
James: James.
Justin: If he did, he in California.
James: What he doing down there?
Justin: Going to the Tensas reunion.
James: Oh, he went out there?
Justin: Yeah.
James: Went this weekend huh?
Justin: Yeah.
James: What? When he left?
Justin: The day he had to be.
James: Him and who?
Justin: I don't know. 'Cause he didn't tell me.
James: Bonnie didn't go there.
Justin: Nah.
James: He aint take her no wheres.
Justin: Mm uh.
James: Shit. He might've took Carolyn.
Justin: I don't know. Booty George up there fourth time.
James: Huh? Booty George back here.
Justin: Yeah.
James: Shit. Damn boy, yeah, he aint going up there then. Booty George aint gonna let him in there.
Justin: Uh uh.
James: What been happening? What the judge talk about last night?
Justin: She didn't talk about too much of nothing. She was just talking about what need to be done.
James: Yeah.
Justin: And yeah.
James: What Poppa gonna do?
Justin: Huh?
James: What Poppa gonna do?
Justin: He just called me.
James: What he talking about?
Justin: This deal in paper. His recusal.
James: Yeah?
Justin: Yeah.
James: I aint got the paper today.
Justin: And look. Now, gosh doggit! He testified that he was uh, that he had testified in your case. It's in the paper.
James: Oh yeah?
Justin: Yeah, 'bout him being called as a witness at your recusal.
James: Oh yeah?
Justin: Yeah.
James: They put all that in there?
Justin: Yeah.
James: I tell you what they did now. They denied that recusal on Judge Booth on me.
Justin: Who did?
James: The Third Circuit.
Justin: Did they?
James: I got it today. But, I aint worried about that. Because you know why. Because my post conviction with that recusal is more stronger. See, Judge George never ruled on the evidence that was presented. He only ruled that he found on motions that was still pending. Which I still think is wrong, but I don't want to go to the Supreme Court with it, gonna take me too long.
Justin: Right.
James: So, see I already got a recusal on him on the post conviction. I can bring the same evidence back in on the post conviction, because that evidence was never ruled on, so therefore, it's still alive to be heard.
Justin: Right.
James: Judge George had ruled because Judge Booth had ruled, had denied my Motion to Reconsider his ruling, on that Motion to ???? He didn't have to make no ruling on. So I aint worried 'bout that. He didn't rule on the motion saying that he found no evidence that required him to be recused.
Justin: Ok.
James: He just ruled that he found no motions still pending.
Justin: Right.
James: So I don't want to go the Supreme Court with that because it gonna take me ten to twelve months.
Justin: Uh huh.
James: But now I already got a motion pending on the motion to uh, on my post conviction, which I got stronger issues in.
Justin: Right.
James: So what I'm gonna do is now is file a motion to ask them to set a date to have the motion to
recuse on that heard.
Justin: Ok.
James: I don't want to fight that other issue no more.
Justin: Right.
James: Because it's a fifty fifty issue even if I go to the Supreme Court, I'm looking at another ten to twelve months.
Justin: Right.
James: And I just don't want to do that. I figure the issue that I got in my Supreme, my motion, my post conviction are more stronger for to be heard.
Justin: Ok.
James: See, he had made, he say he made a mistake and ruled on the other issue before he saw. Ok fine. So the Third Circuit saying since he had already ruled on them, the judge could rule that there was no motion pending at that time that had to be ruled on. Fine. But now I got a motion pending which is properly filed. I got motion to recuse pending. So now I'm gonna ask him to recuse himself from hearing my post conviction. Which is, I can bring back in the same issues that I had on the other issue ...
Justin: (interrupted)
James: Because they were never ruled on.
Justin: Right. Hold on a second.
James: Alright.
Justin: Yeah. I'm with you.
James: Yeah. So see. He never ruled on the evidence or the testimony.
Justin: Uh huh.
James: And so he never ruled on the evidence or the testimony, so I still can bring that back in. Justin: Right.
James: He just ruled at the time that he dismissed it, he found no motions that were still pending that required Judge Booth to be recused on.
Justin: Right.
James: So now I'm a just gonna file that motion asking to set a date for the recusal on that.
Justin: Ok.
James: And let Cathy Johnson hear it.
Justin: Ok.
James: I aint gonna ask for it, I aint gonna ask her this time to appoint no judge outside the court. Justin: Right.
James: I'm gonna let her hear it.
Justin: Right.
James: Yep. So that's what I'm gonna do. So that boy's gone to California, huh?
Justin: Yeah.
James: So, I know. I just got that today, so I know they probably got theirs on that deal.
Justin: Uh huh.
James: But I aint got my paper today. But they got Poppa in there huh?
Justin: Yeah.
James: Ub, ok. Is he ready for it?
Justin: A we yeah.
James: What you think? You think she gonna knock him out?
Justin: Yeah. She'll knock him out.
James: She aint with'em is she?
Justin: Nab. I told her last night. I said, Judge, let me tell you something. I said, we sent you to that courthouse for a reason.
James: Mm hum.
Justin: Not to be impartial. But to be fair.
James: Right.
Justin: I say, and let me tell you something. There's a time to bunt, but there's a time to hit a home run.
James: That's right.
Justin: And I said now, any time you got a man throwing curves, but yet the speed just right for you to knock it out.
James: Right.
Justin: I say, you got to stand up. I say, you can't be passive on all this stuff, 'cause we can't tell what kind of judge we got.
James: That's right.
Justin: And I told her last night.
James: Now you talking. You talking, and your talking good.
Justin: Right.
James: But now, you got to show by your actions.
Justin: That what I'm saying.
James: Now I always said that. Now white can't be together all the time.
Justin: Right.
James: Where he talked about that school board.
Justin: Right.
James: And they can't be together all the time. Somebody got to go against the grain some time. Justin: Right. Right. And we don't need you just down there for no ... we don't need you down there just for no civil matters. We don't need you down there just for no civil matters and no divorces and all that. You know, you picked your people that you wanted. Now, you got to stand up for us sometime.
James: That's right. And be fair.
Justin: And be fair. If the evidence don't prove itself, ok, I understand that.
James: There you go.
Justin: But don't dodge a bullet.
James: Don't dodge a ... You right now. You told her right.
Justin: Yep.
hlmes: But now. do she agree with that?
Justin: She agree. And let me tell you something. One thing she don't want is to lose me.
James: Uh huh. 'Cause she know now, you'll set in on her.
Justin: Shit. I'll set in on her. 'Cause let me tell you something, she called me two or three times a week.
James: Now, what the deal with, who, what the deal, what John gonna do this year?
Justin: I don't know. He just called me just now. John fired Kurt Parish.
James: Who? Justin:
Kurt Parish.
James: Who called you?
Justin: Jim.
James: Yeah.
Justin: Say Parish over there trying to commit suicide in Joneville. Police trying to get him out the house.
James: Nah?
Justin: Yeah. John fired him yesterday.
James: For what? Wonder what he did?
Justin: Well, it's a lot of stuff on the internet.
James: Mm mm.
Justin: Yeah.
James: Oh ok.
Justin: Concerning the D.A.'s Office and John Jones and Randy and all of 'em.
James: What?
Justin: And Randy and called. He called Hugh Matthews in and the A.G.'s Office to investigate his office.
James: Is that right?
Justin: Hold on just a minute? Yo.
James: Yeah.
Justin: Alright.
James: But now. He fired Hugh?
Justin: Yep.
James: He think Hugh did that?
Justin: No he didn't fire Hugh. He got Hugh Matthews doing the internal investigation.
James: Oh, he fired Kurt Parish?
Justin: Fired Kurt Parish and he calling the A.G. 's Office in.
James: Wasn't Kurt Parish the uh, Kurt Parish used to be a probation officer didn't he?
Justin: Yeah.
James: And he quit.
Justin: He quit and he was working for John over at Jonesville.
James: Right. Oh, ok then.
Justin: Yeah.
James: I wonder what? Now he trying to kill himself now?
Justin: Yes sir.
James: Now aint that something now?
Justin: Man, Judge. Cathy Johnson say yesterday, he on a rampage at both his offices.
James: At both of 'em?
Justin: Yes sir.
James: You think he gonna try to run again?
Justin: Nah. He said somebody was trying to kill him off from the inside.
James: On the inside uh ...
Justin: Yeah. From his office. Somebody's giving out infonnation and stuff.
James: Well ??? gonna run aint he?
Justin: Yeah.
James: What you think Ronnie Mack gonna do?
Justin: He gonna run for judge. He gonna .. See, Ronnie Mack either gonna run for D.A .... Uh, Jack McNemar running for D.A.
James: Who is Jack McNemar? I know that name.
Justin: Over in Vidalia. Got all that hair on his face.
James: Yeah. He gonna run for D.A.?
Justin: Y eah. You know they used to have them stores.
James: Yeah. But I don't want Brad in there man.
Justin: Well, Brad aint gonna win. They already telling him he aint gonna win.
James: I think that's why, why, why he did fire, why did he move Ronnie Mack down?
Justin: Well, he do it to discourage Ronnie Mack, cause ...
James: 'Cause Ronnie Mack's been loyal.
Justin: Ronnie Mack's planning on running against Leo. See, ya'll gonna blister Leo, so, with these recusals. James: Yeah. Justin: I just found out tonight, that when Jimmy and Don got arrested over there in the Bogue Chitta in Mississippi, Randy took Leo to act as Jimmy's dam lawyer.
James: Come on man.
Justin: Yes sir.
James: He can't do that.
Justin: Yes sir. Jim got all that information.
James: Huh? Page 11
Justin: Yes sir.
James: Jim done got all that?
Justin: All of it. Say, he told 'em when he got arrested that he worked for Holsom Bread Company.
James: Mm mm.
Justin: After he got booked in, he told them he was a pipefitter.
James: Well, he kept lying didn't he?
Justin: Yes sir.
James: Jim done got all that?
Justin: All that. Jim got the Wildlife and Fisheries man subpoenaed.
James: All that?
Justin: All that.
James: He bringing all that in there?
Justin: Everybody coming.
James: And Jim say he don't (inaudible)?
Justin: Yes sir. Hold on just a minute.
James: Alright.
Justin: yo. James: You trying to call Big Jim?
Justin: Big wig. Skipper on the line.
James: What you say son?
Jim: Say Skip.
James: What are doing boy? What's going on?
Jim: I got'em under sequester now and I'm fixing to bring a few on in. You oughta be getting your subpoena pretty quick.
James: You aint gonna bring me down there. Shit. Ya'll don't want to hear from me. Ya'lI know I'll tell everything. (laughing) You aint gonna see (inaudible) Randy boy.
Jim: He got' em all under sequester way.
James: Where they can't talk. Hey. But I tell you what he got to do Jim. He got to keep them out of that back office.
Jim: Yes sir.
James: You can't let 'em gather up in that back office. That's where they'll set in on you at now. You want 'em out that back office. You want 'em to keep 'em ... You want 'em to keep Judge Booth and Randy and them out they office. Out that judge chamber.
Jim: If my attorney ask you if Ernie Banks come got you out of prison, you gonna tell him?
James: Yes sir I'm gonna tell him? And he rode me around in that white Yukon. Took me to get me something to eat. Took me to get me something eat and everything. Yes sir.
Jim: Are you going to tell him Gene Allen took you from door to door in Ferriday?
James: Huh?
Jim: Ricky and Allen.
James: Oh. What you say?
Jim: I say, you gonna tell 'em that Gene took you from door to door in Ferriday?
James: And gave me a cell phone downstairs but it wouldn't work because I was up under the jail. Justin: Big wig.
Jim: Huh?
Justin: Big wig? Somebody's gonna have one baby.
Jim: (inaudible) But I want to ask him gonna tell 'em that he went over there and done that physical for Gene over in Winnfield.
James: No aint go to Winnfield. What physical?
Justin: He didn't go to Winnfield.
James: Uh uh. I went to Pollock.
Jim: Pollock?
James: I went to Pollock, Louisiana. I took that CDL test.
Jim: (inaudible)
James: Huh?
Jim: You gonna tell 'em that ya'll mailed the absentees at the post office in Vidalia?
James: Fifty three of 'em.
Justin: Uh shit.
James: We put fifty three of 'em in the mailbox over there. (inaudible)
James: Look, we didn't have but fifty three absentees mail in ballots, and we took 'em all to Vidalia. And his handwriting all over 'em. Justin: All over 'em man. I mean all over 'em.
James: See what I'm saying. They just aint checked for 'em. They just don't know where to check at. Jim: Skipper, I got one more question for you.
James: Alright.
Jim: Did you go with Gene Allen out to Leo's house to get some money to reduce a drug dealers bond in Ferriday?
James: On that three hundred thousand dollar bond. Leo got seven thousand off of that. He say he had to have it first then. If you go check the records in the clerks office, there's a three hundred thousand power of attorney file. We give it to Ms. Lawrence. That's who we filed it with. It's a three hundred thousand dollar power. We went to Baton Rouge and picked it up and brought it back and filed it. The man sent sixty thousand to Philip Letard. A sixty thousand dollar cashiers check. Thirty thousand was for the bond and the rest was for Philip to take to Kay, seven went to Judge Booth. I already told the FBI all this though man. You gotta subpoena. Look. You gotta subpoena to the FBI agent, Bill Chestler, of Monroe. That's who came and interviewed. I told him all this.
Justin: James.
James: Uh huh?
Justin: Call me back.
James: Alright, I'm gonna call right back, 'cause...
Justin: Call right back. I'm gonna call you right back. As soon as he call me.
James: Alright.
Justin: Bye. Call ended. Transcribed by Suzanne Leon

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